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Superstar guard Chris Paul teams up with Kaiser Permanente for OwnNow Program

Steph Curry, Chris Paul, Own Now
Steph Curry, Chris Paul, Own Now
Kaiser Permanente

Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul joined Golden State Warrior guard Steph Curry to team up with Kaiser Permanente to celebrate their Own Now program in Los Angeles.

With health care becoming an accessible reality for many in the United States, Kaiser Permanente not only believes in the total health for all Americans, but is showcasing their effort with a new program.

With an amazing 27% of young adults between the ages of 19-27 not having medical coverage, the Own Now program is dedicated to providing coverage to many uninsured people.

“With health care reform, uninsured Americans can soon access quality health care through the front door of the health care system, which includes prevention and access to the knowledge and tools to live longer, healthier lives, which is one of the benefits of the Affordable Care Act," said Bernard J. Tyson, CEO, Kaiser Permanente.

Paul and Curry have teamed up to use their celebrity status to inform many young Americans that a healthy lifestyle is important, and being insured is available.

"We’re not health experts, but we do know that people of all ages have to take care of their health,” said Paul. “We’ve seen firsthand what injuries can do on the court and we all know that accidents and illnesses can happen to people at any time. Seizing the moment and living a full life is made easier when you take care of your health.”

Paul who is serious about his own health once again leads by example, with a healthy, yet rigorous off season conditioning program that aids him in preparing for each season.

Paul and Curry joined several executives, and young people at LA Live in Downtown LA on October 21st, to help raise awareness and emphasized the importance of good health.

“By teaming up with Chris [Paul] and Steph [Curry], we hope to help promote a better understanding of health care reform. And what getting the right coverage can mean in the journey toward health for young people and their families,” said Kaiser Permanente EVP Gregory A. Adams.

A great partnership with the NBA athletes, Kaiser understands the power of positive influence and spreading the word of good health by capturing the attention of young people through these athletes.

Curry and Paul have taken this program to heart and will continue to work with the program as needed.

“Coverage is important for your overall health and well-being. It is difficult to get the most out of life if you’re unprepared when something goes wrong,” said Curry.

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