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Supersmile takes dental care seriously


The gluten-free industry has capitalized on everything from dining out to dining in with an entire section of grocery stores dedicated to eliminating all forms of wheat. What you might not realize is wheat was often included in mainstream products like toothpaste – until now.

Meet Supersmile fluoride-free whitening toothpaste. The line of products are hydrolyzed wheat protein free, an ingredient commonly. Because so many Americans suffer from celiac disease, beauty brands like Supersmile are realizing the need to produce safe products containing gluten as a potential hazard.

Use twice daily for two minutes on a standard or electric toothbrush to eliminate food and plaque buildup from the teeth. The unique toothpaste is formulated with CALPROX, a proprietary form of calcium peroxide that works to dissolve the protein pellicle on teeth. Within just a few minutes, stains are brushed away, leaving teeth noticeably smoother and whiter.

Use in conjunction with Supersmile’s Crystal Collection of Toothbrushes. Durable yet soft bristles that aren’t too tough on your gums, the toothbrush is sure to take care of any periodontal issue you may have. Best of all, they come in five fabulous gemstone colors, including pink diamond, green periodot and white coral.

To finish off your new look, be sure to try out Supersmile’s Quikee, a no brush/no rinse whitening tooth polish. This potent polish provides on-the-go whitening and plaque prevention as well as breath freshening. It’s the fastest way to cleaner, better smelling breath without having to brush.

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