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Superpowerful Bonanza 3D Superhero Board Game

Superpowerful Bonanza 3D Superhero Board Game
Superpowerful Bonanza 3D Superhero Board GameSuperpowerful Bonanza 3D Superhero Board Game

The Homemade Game Guru is a You Tube channel started in 2008 as a creative hub for DIY how-to videos centered on making cardboard crafts, comic book themed crafts, geeky concepts and general over-the-top inventions made out of simple materials. Creator and host Luanga Lue Nuwame is an award-winning designer who conceived the Homemade Game Guru as a way to share his ideas and love of inventions with viewers worldwide.

This plays like a board games. Here is his accountablity plan: The goal is to raise at least $5000 to garner materials, tools/machinery and a small industrial space to begin making editions of Superpowerful Bonanza in time for Christmas (for donors to this campaign) and for specialty stores/comic book stores (Spring 2015).

Although the campaign is 'Flexible Funded', if the $5000 minimum funding level isn’t reached by the 30 day mark, I will offer a refund to anyone who requests their money back! I still intend to complete this game and provide the promised perks at the end of this campaign - regardless if it fails or succeeds (this is my dream and you never stop dreaming). However, if you request a refund if the campaign doesn't succeed, I will respectfully oblige with a "thank you"! I want my donors to feel comfortable with their investment and this is my unique way to respect the chance you're taking.

Both the cardboard or spruce wood editions come with the following components:

1) The completed handmade Game Board

2) A pack of toy trees to adorn level two

3) 250 game cards

4) Two dice

5) 1 card tray to hold all cards not in play

6) 5 card battle boards

7) One spinner

8) A pack of score sheets

9) 46 health sticks

10) Nine character playing pieces

11) Game manual + character bios

12) Each edition signed, embossed sealed and numbered by Luanga Nuwame

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