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'Supernatural' spoilers: News about spin-off TV show ‘Tribes’

Supernatural Tribes cating news
Supernatural Tribes cating news

Supernatural” has been around for an impressive nine seasons, and now there will be more in the way of a spin-off known as “Supernatural: Tribes.” This show won’t be about the Winchester boys, but TV Line announced on Feb. 2 that the showrunners explained what the show will be about.

According to the producers, the new characters will be introduced in “Supernatural’s” 20th episode this season. “Supernatural: Tribes” will involve five rival monster families as well as the vengeance-seeking hunter that is after them.

Ennis Roth is the star of the new show, the son of a police officer who might have been killed by monsters. He meets Sam and Dean and learns the truth about the monsters that live among us. He also learns that the city of Chicago is run by five monster families that might include werewolves and shape shifters. He then becomes the next big monster hunter who is trying to bring down these families.

The main monster characters known at this time includes David Hayden, a shape shifter who has been living as a human for a long time. He is part of one of Chicago’s ruling monster families and has a sister named Margo who wants to lead their family.

Also on hand is Violey Durant, a werewolf from another of Chicago’s monster families who is in love with David, a love forbidden because of their families. She has a brother named Julian who is called the main nemesis for Ennis.

The final character announced for “Supernatural: Tribes” is a character named Freddie is a police officer who cares about Ennis but has a secret of his own.

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