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'Supernatural' spin-off: Would you be watching 'Bloodlines'?

Ennis is ready to fight monsters with Dean.
Ennis is ready to fight monsters with Dean.
Carole Segal /The CW

Last night's "Supernatural" episode "Bloodlines", which aired on Tuesday, April 29, at 9/8 p.m. central on The CW had a totally different feeling to it than the usual adventures of Sam and Dean Winchester.

Matter of fact, the Winchesters were barely in that episode at all. Instead, "Supernatural" fans got to see a potential spin-off that would expand the "Supernatural" universe, coming this fall.

"Bloodlines" takes place in Chicago, where five monster families rule the entire city. They try to keep peace among each other in order to avoid a war and keep human casualties to a minimum.

Ennis, played by Lucien Laviscount, gets a rather rough initiation into the world of monsters when something with big silver claws kills a bunch of werewolves, shifters and other creatures he had never even heard of. Among the victims was also his human girlfriend to whom he was about to propose.

Naturally the police doesn't buy his story, but Sam and Dean do and once they realize that Ennis is not just going to walk away from this, they finally give him the monsters-are-real-talk.

Among the dead shapeshifters is Sal (Bryce Johnson). His sister Margo (Danielle Savre) blames the werewolves and is ready to go to war, with ghouls and Djinns backing her up. But when her brother David (Nathaniel Bozulic) returns from his attempt at a human life, he is not thrilled about his sister's plans.

Adding to his displeasure is the fact that werewolf Violet (Melissa Roxburgh), who is his ex-girlfriend and sister to werewolf leader Julien (Sean Faris), was handed over to another pack by her father and is now engaged. When the two ex lovers meet up to talk they get interrupted by the silver-clawed killer. But instead of Sam and Dean, it is Ennis who comes to the rescue and saves David, but Violet gets taken by the killer.

Eventually the Winchesters, together with Ennis and David, find Violet and the killer - who turns out to be just a man who lost his son in the monster's war and wanted revenge by starting a war among the families.

"I only see one monster here," Ennis said and shot the man.

Sam and Dean get a call from Cas and skip town, warning Ennis to stay away from hunting monsters, but of course he won't listen. While he examines the killer's lair he gets a phone call from his dad, who supposedly died in the line of duty many years ago. The call was a warning to stay away from hunting before the monsters kill Ennis.

After the rescue David and Violet get another chance to talk and even though she keeps the reason why she never showed up to run a way with him three years ago a secret from him, she kisses him, which leaves no doubt that there is still more than just a little spark between the two of them.

That together with the fact that David's sickly dad asks him to stop Margo's plan for war, is enough for David. He returns to the family and is greeted with hugs and a "welcome back" from Margo, who clearly is not very happy about David rejoining the family.

As disappointing as "Bloodlines" might have been for die-hard "Supernatural" fans, this episode was an interesting way of introducing the spin-off and to get fans' reactions on whether or not they would watch this show after seeing this backdoor pilot.

What do you think? Is "Bloodlines" something worth watching? Or do you feel like it will be just another form of "Vampire Diaries" or "The Originals"?

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