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'Supernatural' season 10: Mark Sheppard promoted to series regular

Supernatural -- Pictured: Mark Sheppard as Crowley
Cate Cameron/The CW, used with permission

Ready for some really good news, "Supernatural" fans? On Friday, May 23, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Mark Sheppard, who has been recurring as Crowley since season 5, will be a series regular for season 10 of the CW's hit series, and given how season 9 ended, that really shouldn't be a surprise.

Remember when Crowley was introduced as a crossroads demon in season 5? Oh, how times have changed. It's gotten quite complicated for the current King of Hell since then. At the end of season 8, Sam (Jared Padalecki) began curing him, only to stop when Dean (Jensen Ackles) revealed that finishing the trials would kill him and begged his brother not to. However, that didn't mean he just went back to being his old self. Instead, Crowley became addicted to human blood at the beginning of season 9, but he said he "kicked" the habit by the finale.

Season 9 also saw Crowley's status as King of Hell challenged by Abaddon, and so he "helped" Dean find a way to kill her, by taking on the Mark of Cain and using the First Blade. As the season ended and Metatron seemingly killed Dean, Crowley was the one who showed up, even as Sam was summoning him, and revealed that the Mark had never completely let go of Cain when he took his own life. Instead, it brought him back, and it did the same thing to Dean. "What you're feeling right now, it's not death. It's life, a new kind of life," the King of Hell told him. "Open your eyes, Dean. See what I see. Feel what I feel. Let's go take a howl at that moon." And as the season finale ended, Dean did open his eyes – his demon black eyes.

Season 9 ended in a way that set up Crowley to have a bigger role on the show in season 10, so it's really no surprise that he's going to be around as a series regular. After all, sure, Crowley said that he "didn't know this was going to happen, not really," but can we really believe what he said? He had to have a plan in place since he thought it was a possibility, and if so, that could be what's coming in season 10. Plus, there's the matter of his son out there. Instead of sending him back to his own time like he should have, he kept him alive in the present. That has to come back to bite him, right?

"Supernatural" returns for its 10th season on the CW in the fall. Are you happy Mark Sheppard is going to be a series regular?

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