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Supernatural Saturday: 'The House that Would Not Die' (1970)

"The House That Wouldn't Die" movie poster

Welcome to the new feature where I pick a TV horror flick and it's called Supernatural Saturday. So today's afternoon 'Supernatural Saturday' movie is "The House That Would Not Die." It's a 1970s TV film that was directed by John Llewellyn Moxey. The film starred Barbara Stanwyck, Kitty Winn, and Richard Egan.

The supernatural movie is about an aunt and her niece who inherit a house after a relative dies. Well the two ladies learn that the house is being haunted by two of the ghosts that were the original owners.

The TV movie is currently on Youtube, under the standard YouTube license. So if you didn't get to catch this movie in 1970, well you can have the chance to watch it this afternoon. On IMDb it currently holds a 6 out of 10.

The production company was Aaron Spelling Productions, and it was first released on Oct. 27 1970, which seemed to be perfect timing to air around Halloween.

So this Saturday's pick for 'Supernatural Saturday' is the TV horror flick, "The House That Would Not Die," an atmospheric haunted house film.

Tell me what you think of it?

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