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Supernatural Saturday: 'The Norliss Tapes' (1973)

'The Norliss Tapes' is this Saturday's pick for Supernatural Saturday
'The Norliss Tapes' is this Saturday's pick for Supernatural Saturday

"The Norliss Tapes," is this Saturday's pick for Supernatural Saturday. This TV movie was actually a pilot for a TV show, but it never got picked up. Now it's known as a vampire TV movie that Dan Curtis fans enjoy.

Dan Curtis had directed the movie, it's like "The Night Stalker," but Roy Thinnes makes the movie his own while not mimicking Kolchak. Angie Dickinson, Claude Akins, and Dan Porter also starred with Thinnes in 'The Norliss Tapes."

"The Norliss Tapes" is about an investigative reporter, who finds out that a recent widow's husband could be part of the undead. El Tunel del Tiempo using a Standard Youtube License shared the whole movie. Perfect for those who haven't seen the movie, and if you like it, buy it here: Amazon.

It's very 70s horror, but nevertheless is a fun show especially if you like Curtis's work. He was the creator of "Dark Shadows," and other assortment of TV horror. Curtis really knew how to make an engaging TV film, if you don't believe me have you seen "Trilogy of Terror" or "Dead of Night?" Two movies that worked perfectly because he took two popular things, TV and horror anthologies and put them together.

While he did a lot of work, some may have forgotten about "The Norliss Tapes." It's an interesting movie that has it's cheesy moments, but it's not bad. Curtis was good at doing horror and vampires. Sadly it never got picked up for a season, but the TV movie is still worth viewing it.

Anyway, "The Norliss Tapes," is this Saturday's pick. Have fun watching it tonight, and check back next Saturday to see which other TV horror movie gets picked.

As always share your thoughts on how you liked the movie!

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