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Supernatural Saturday: 'Count Dracula' (1977)

This week's Supernatural Saturday pick is "Count Dracula." The TV movie was released in 1977 by the BBC. For American audiences they got a chance to watch this movie because of PBS's Great Performances. The film was directed by Philip Saville, and it starred Louis Jourdan, Frank Finlay, Susan Penhaligon, and Judi Bowker.

This TV film is called one of the most closely adaptations of Bram Stoker's work, though it does have it's differences. Louis Jourdan played Dracula in the movie, which he gave a pretty good performance. When we think of Dracula, his name probably doesn't come up since Lugosi and Lee dominated the name, but Jourdan is just as interesting as the Count.

"Count Dracula" can be seen on Youtube on the lines of the Creative Commons Attribution license according to user 123bardox, who uploaded it. So if you don't know what to watch tonight, give this TV movie a chance. It's over 2 hours, but the atmosphere and the performances makes the time go fast. Definitely it's a must see if for Dracula buffs!

So the 1977 "Count Dracula" movie is the pick for this week's Supernatural Saturday! Just to note if you forgot, Supernatural Saturday looks at TV horror films!

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