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Supernatural’s Misha Collins wins ‘King of Social Media’ title

Misha Collins wins 'King of Social Media'
Misha Collins wins 'King of Social Media'
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Supernatural actor Misha Collins snagged the title of “King of Social Media” on Monday with the closing of voting for Zap2it's “Social Media Showdown.” The showdown was a month-long extravaganza that pitted the social connectivity of stars against each other via their various social media homes across the web. The annual competition has come to be Geek Culture’s version of March Madness.

Collins, who plays the angel Castiel on the CW’s Supernatural, had won the title of “King of Twitter” earlier in the month, beating out co-star Jarded Padalecki (Sam Winchester). He then went on to the finals after beating out the “Queen of Instagram”, actress Sarah Rafferty, where he faced The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus; AKA: “The King of Facebook.”

Collins beat Reedus 1,063,077 votes to 671,503. The near landslide victory was achieved not through his own campaigning, but through the support of other stars and avid fans, who lobbied their twitter feeds on Collins behalf. Collins himself seemed to pay very little attention to the competition, and proceeded to interact with fans as normal, which in itself was feat of amazing energy.

One of the bigger stars supporting Misha Collins in the showdown was Star Trek megastar, William Shatner. Shatner engaged in a strange “friendly animosity” with Collins, bringing some of his own 1.8 million Twitter followers into play, adding to a good portion of Misha’s 1.4 million followers. Instead of telling his followers to go support the Supernatural actor, Shatner told followers not to vote him, but strategically failed to mention any other name.

During the showdown Collins was busy with his directorial debut for the Supernatural episode “Mother’s Little Helper.” Most of his social media time was spent chatting with fans about the episode, which aired on March 25. In fact, so much time was spent interacting with fans on that one day, including a rare appearance on Facebook, that these actions alone surely added to his eventual win as the official “King of Social Media.”