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'Supernatural' recap of 'Sharp Teeth'

Tuesday January 28, 2014 was a day the Winchester boys got "wolfed" out on the newest episode titled "Sharp Teeth". They have met the heart eating werewolves before but this case was far more personal. Who knew it would take the lovable and goofy Garth to bring the brothers back together? Please note, if you haven't watched the episode you are going to read spoilers in the paragraphs below.

Sam and Dean
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

With Garth in the hospital and on the verge of being arrested for killing a cat Dean and Sam rush to his side to find out what happened and how they can help. Garth, who has been missing in action for about six months, was a little reluctant for the help at first and fans quickly discovered the reason why... Garth was a werewolf - of the animal eating heart variety. Oh, and he is married to another pure blood werewolf (one born as a werewolf).

Garth insists that his pack is good and they do not eat human hearts. He even invites Dean to a pray circle where he meets the reverend who is also the pack leader. Dean also breaks bread with the family where he meets the rest of the brood including the reverend's wife and step mother to Garth's wife. While they eat their raw hearts he asks questions and ignores his cook steak on his plate... can you blame him? Still not convinced the Winchester brothers decide to poke around and they discover evidence of cult worship and a story where they wolves want to kill off all humans. Dean confronts the reverend while Garth, his wife, and Sam are kidnapped by the not so nice step mother who takes forever announcing her plans to kill them all. This of course gives Dean and the reverend time to find them and rescue the lot.

It was hard but Dean and Sam had to admit that, aside from the few bad elements which were weeded out by the hunters, Garth was in a good situation. Garth offered to go on the road and continue hunting with the brothers but Dean tells him to live his life there.

As the brothers are about to part ways again, Dean attempts to apologize and Sam is not exactly the most forgiving of brothers. He wants Dean to be honest with him before they can be brothers again but it looks as though they will work together as hunters. What are your thoughts on this new episode? Feel free to comment below.

If you missed "Sharp Teeth" you can watch the episode on the CW show page here.

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