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'Supernatural' recap of 'First Born'

Tuesday, January 21, 2014 the CW aired the newest episode of "Supernatural" and it was an adventure of epidemic proportions. Dean and Sam went their separate ways, only they were not alone. Dean went on a road trip with Crowley to find a demon blade that will kill Ababadon and Sam partnered with Castiel for a little healing attention. If you missed the episode you can check out the highlights below.

The Winchester's are not extremely close these days
Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images

Sam and Castiel partnered up to dispose of Idriel (the angel that possessed Sam under the guise of healing Sam) for good. Castiel tried extracting the grace leftover in Sam's mind from the possession but as he worked on taking it out it became dangerous and almost killed Sam. Castiel refused to let Sam die so he only took what he could before healing him. This was not enough grace to find Idriel. Castiel decided the real target should be Metadrone and asked Sam to bring Dean back for help.

Dean and Crowley went on a road trip to find a blade that could kill even the strongest of demons. Their target, Ababadon. After working a spell to find this blade they came face to face with Cain (yes, THE Cain from the Cain and Able story). Long and short of the story the reason why Cain killed his brother, according to this version of the story, was because he was sacrificing himself to the devil to save Able's soul. After passing a test, Cain decided to transfer the mark required to activate the blade to Dean. There are more details to the story like the twisted past Cain has with Ababadon and the hand she played in the death of his wife. How he killed the Knights of Hell and promised to not kill again as he held his dying wife in his arms. It's pretty good and well worth watching it online.

If you missed this episode you can watch it online at the CW's show page here.

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