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'Supernatural' 'Mother's Little Helper' recap: Flashbacks, fear and addiction

Supernatural -- "Mother's Little Helper" Pictured: Jensen Ackles as Dean
Supernatural -- "Mother's Little Helper" Pictured: Jensen Ackles as Dean
Cate Cameron/The CW

The Tuesday, March 25 episode of "Supernatural," 917, "Mother's Little Helper," directed by Misha Collins, sees Dean struggling with the effects of handling the Blade, while Sam goes off solo on a case that ends up putting him where he needs to be: determined to find Abaddon.

Flashbacks to the '50s Unfortunately, these flashbacks aren't exactly fun, as "Supernatural" reveals just how Abaddon possessed Josie Sands, and it's a sad tale of protecting the one she loved. As Sam learns when he goes to investigate after a first grade teacher comes home and bashes her husband's head in with a candlestick after he complains about eating meatloaf again, writes on the cell wall in blood and hangs herself, Henry and Josie paid a convent a visit in 1958 after a nun killed two people and jumped from the bell tower. Julia (Sister Julia back then) explains that she was tasked with showing them around, and the nun had also written in blood on her wall – and had left the symbol for the Knights of Hell.

After Julia saw one of the nuns dragging a body, she was knocked out and bound to a chair with others and could only watch as they were dragged off and there was a bright glowing light in the other room. Henry and Josie showed up in time to save her, but when she hid, she saw one of the possessed nuns eager to take Henry's body and find out all about the Men of Letters. Josie volunteered instead, and with that, Josie became Abaddon and left the possessed Agnes to continue the business while she was gone.

Flashbacks to… Remember when Sam was soulless? Well, that's not something Dean's going to forget (and in case you didn't remember, there were helpful flashes), and Sam realizes after one of the problem people says he's "clear" of "everything" that the aggressive, violent, impulsive behavior is just basic instinct, like when he was soulless.

He's right, as when he investigates the abandoned convent, he finds jars of souls. Agnes is still in business – and she's not the only one. There are factories all around, as Abaddon isn't content with sitting back and waiting for demons to pick a side. She's making herself a demon army loyal only to her. (Yes, we're back to the souls.) Sam begins an exorcism, but while Agnes begins choking him, he has it also recorded on his phone, and he tosses that away. While she's busy crawling over and smashing his phone, he kills her and frees the souls. With that, Sam returns to the bunker, and he tells Dean that he was right and they need to find Abaddon ASAP.

Flashbacks to Dean's burden Sam can tell that there's not "nothing" up with Dean, who has become obsessed since killing Magnus, and while he says he's just doing his job and trying to find Abaddon, we can see that holding that Blade has clearly gotten to him. As soon as Sam leaves, he pulls out a bottle, and after we see him having flashbacks to receiving the Mark and Cain's warning of a great burden, then killing Magnus and the rage he felt, he's gripping the table hard and his hand is shaking. You don't need to see anything else to know that this is not good.

Dean heads to a bar after calling Crowley and hanging up after one ring, but his "mistress," as Crowley has fun calling himself, finds him and notes that he's stalling because he's scared after what he felt: powerful. He thinks Dean should be embracing the Mark, not fighting what he really is, but Dean refuses to believe he's anything like Cain.

When Crowley heads to the bathroom, Dean flashes back to Magnus telling him that he'll get used to and welcome the feelings before he notes a guy with a rosary and a knife, and he stops him at the bathroom door. He introduces himself and says he recognizes a hunter when he sees one and explains that going after Crowley will basically just end with him, his family, friends and anyone he ever knew dead, sending him on his way.

When Dean calls him out on shooting up in the bathroom, Crowley says he embraced his addiction – and it takes a junkie to know one. He knows Dean wants to touch the Blade again. Dean just tells him that he wants to kill Abaddon, and what he wants and fears doesn't matter because he's all in, no matter the consequences. And this just keeps looking worse and worse for Dean. Oh, and that hunter he stopped? Really a demon, one of Crowley's tests.

"Supernatural" season 9 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on the CW. What did you think of episode 17 "Mother's Little Helper"?

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