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'Supernatural': Misha Collins on Castiel's 'personal' arc and Demon Dean in S10

Things were not looking good for Castiel at the end of "Supernatural" season 9, and it's going to lead into a "very personal kind of arc" for him next season, as Misha Collins revealed in the San Diego Comic-Con press room. On Friday, Aug. 1, we uploaded our video interview from the roundtable with him to YouTube.

Misha Collins in the 'Supernatural' press room at SDCC 2014
Meredith Jacobs

Check out the video above or here to see what Collins had to say about Castiel in season 10. Keep reading for the highlights, including what he teased about Demon Dean and how much Castiel will interact with the brothers.

"It drives a wedge between them," Collins said of what Demon Dean does to his and Castiel's relationship – and Castiel is willing to do what he has to do if he must. "Cas still obviously cares about Dean very much because his primary mission is to get Dean cured of being a demon or fixing him, but at the same time, Cas is determined not to let a demon Dean roam the Earth, so if it comes to it, Cas is willing to kill demon Dean if human Dean can't be rescued. So, yes, that puts a strain on any relationship."

While the actor previewed that Castiel will be interacting with the brothers in season 10, he did tease, "there will also be independence. Cas has got a very kind of personal arc that he's going on. It's less about heaven and hell." After all, it hasn't exactly been easy for the angel as of late – and he wasn't even an angel when last season began. "It has changed Castiel," Collins admitted of his character's time as a human. "Now he knows what it's like to be a human, so he can empathize a little bit better with humans. He is probably a little bit more human himself, in the sense he's had this experience."

When it comes down to it, however, there's no choice between being human and angel. "I think Cas knows he is an angel at his core, so I don't think he wants to be a human. There's certain perks of humanness I think that Cas – and I think this whole season is really about, I think Jeremy has said this, but it's about you are who you are, and Cas is an angel," he insisted. "That's who he wants to be, who he's supposed to be, who he will be."

Check out the video interview for more from Misha Collins, including whether he'll direct again and what he knows about the 200th episode. "Supernatural" season 10 premieres Tuesday, Oct. 7, at 9 p.m. on the CW.

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