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'Supernatural' highlights 'Mother's Little Helper' & spoilers 'Meta Fiction'

The Winchester's are still not extremely close these days
Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Fans who watched the "Supernatural" episode titled "Mother's Little Helper" on Tuesday, March 25, 2014 got to find out more about Henry Winchester (Sam and Dean's dad) and the Lady of Letters, Josie (who is now Abadon). We watched as Josie sacrificed herself to save Henry out of love. We also learned Abadon's plan to mine souls to create a demon army. Looks like Dean and Sam have their work cut out for them and they are once again the underdogs in the battle to save humanity from evil (but secretly we all enjoy rooting for the underdogs).

There was plenty more that happened on the episode, tension between the brothers continues to fester, Dean suffers from the side effects of using the Mark of Cain and his relationship with Crowley. The only thing that really goes right for them in this episode was that Sam managed to champion over the demons he was battling by himself (because Dean had his own personal demons to worry about back home). If you missed the episode it is worth watching on Hulu or the CW show page here.

If you keep reading after this point spoilers from the all new episode titled "Meta Fiction" scheduled to air April 15, 2014. Cas is back and in the spoiler video he announces Metatron is trying to play god. Okay we all knew when Metatron closed off heaven making it a mess on earth but Cas confirms it this upcoming episode. And if you were wondering where Gadriel (the angel who possessed Sam and killed Kevin) has gone, you will see him in this episode too. Sam is ready to extract a little payback and it looks like he just might get his wish. Throughout the whole video preview you see Metatron typing away on an old fashion typewriter as he talks about the story development, the characters, and plot. Ironically, he tells the viewers "sorry, no spoilers" but the rest of the preview gave enough, don't you think? It becomes apparent the season is gearing up for a wonderful supernatural showdown. What are your thoughts? Have you been enjoying the season so far? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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