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'Supernatural' finale spoilers: Game-changing season 9 cliffhanger coming

Sam and Dean will have a battle to end season 9.
Sam and Dean will have a battle to end season 9.
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Fans of "Supernatural" are used to the seasons ending with life and death hanging in the balance for Sam and Dean. Season nine's season ender will be no different than previous seasons. On April 28, Spoilers Guide shared new spoilers for the season nine finale of this series.

What will happen during the season nine finale? Sam and Dean will be faced with something they have never had to deal with before. The last moment of the episode will set up season 10, and the spoiler teases that the final moment will make fans excited to see season 10. That sounds like quite the finale. Sam and Dean have experienced a lot over the last nine seasons, so the brothers facing something new should be something to see.

MStarz also shared additional spoilers for the season nine finale. These spoilers come Jeremy Carver. He is the man in charge of the series, and he revealed in a new interview that the finale of this series will show Sam, Dean and Castiel taking on Metatron, and all bets will be off during the battle. The episode will feature some uneasy alliances and some choices will be made that not everyone will agree with. The end will feature some "shocking consequences" as a result of those choices.

"Supernatural" has been a hit for the CW since the beginning. This season, the series has definitely picked up its second wind. With the pairing of "The Originals" on Tuesday nights, the series has jumped higher with ratings. Renewing the series for a season 10 was a no-brainer for the network. With a spin-off in the works for the series, "Supernatural" is ready to explore new territory next season it appears. These spoilers definitely tease some big changes ahead for Sam and Dean.

What do you think? Are you ready to see what will happen next to Sam and Dean on this series? What new door will the finale this season open for the Winchester brothers? "Supernatural" will continue to air on Tuesday nights on CW.