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‘Supernatural’ favorite sheriff Kim Rhodes is back with lots to say

Kim Rhodes
Travis Hodges

Supernatural’ favorite Kim Rhodes calls it as she sees it. Adored by fans for her role as Sheriff Jody Mills, this very talented actress has a lot to say about the hit CW show as well as her upcoming film ‘Riding 79.’ Back to the set of ‘Supernatural’ for the next week’s episode ‘Alex Annie Alexis Ann,’ this feisty Portland born actress walks on the set like the big sister they don’t want to screw with.

Q. How does it feel to be the last remaining female character on ‘Supernatural?’

A. A lot of people think the operative word in that question is "female" but as far as I'm concerned, it's "remaining". The fact is, the story is about Sam and Dean. Many other characters have rich existences, but we only are there to facilitate their story. I know a lot of people, myself included, take what happens to the characters very personally, but it doesn't show a lack of love from the writers when we eventually bite it. It shows how much they value our impact on the brothers. We aren't "killed off"; we are sacrificed to create a unique emotional experience for them that enhances the story for the audience. I'm proud that Jody has earned the right to exist for so long, but we all know that means it's even more likely her time will come. Dun dun dunnnnnnn...

Q. Coming back to the set of ‘Supernatural’ must feel like working with family. I just have to ask-- were any shenanigans on the set of ‘Alex Annie Alexis Ann?’

A. Our 2nd AD actually greeted me with a hug and the words, "Welcome home." It does feel like family, but I'm more like the big sister you don't fuck with. No shenanigans or tomfoolery to report. I asked one of my favorites on set why I never got pranked, (because I was almost taking it personally), and she said, "I think you're like me. You're a woman who won't take shit and they know your reaction wouldn't be worth the effort they'd put into it or the pain you'd male them suffer afterward." That may or may not be true, but I like her answer.

Q. I’ve read that you play a character named Betty in an upcoming “dramady” film called ‘Riding 79.’ What can you share with your fans about this cool project?

A. It's an amazing labor of love. We shot it two years ago in Puerto Rico and I'm so excited to see it come to fruition. It's an amazing coming of age story about a boy who travels to find love. I play his mother, devastated by his father's death, so I leave him with his grandparents while I run from my pain. It's really his story, but I loved what I got to do.

Q. The last time we chatted you were devoting love and energy in to your writing passion. Can your fans look forward to any screenplays or books in your future?

A. Oh, dear. The thing with scripts is that you need a lot more than a good idea and the ability to put it on paper. It took me a long time to figure that out, so there are some scripts that exist that you will probably never experience, (although they're pretty fuckin' funny), and now I'm finally working on something simple to self-publish. An urban fantasy about a slightly crabby middle-aged woman with a wry sense of humor, (wow, wonder who inspired that idea), and her introduction into the world we don't see around us. I'll keep you posted. As I'm sure you and many of your readers know, writing is slow going. Ha!

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