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‘Supernatural’ fans show off collectables

Close to wrapping up its ninth incredible season, the CW hit show ‘Supernatural’ is still riding high on huge ratings and devoted fans. Even though there are some new shiny collectables on the way such as the 1967 Impala replica and a set of trading cards, over the years fans have some amazing and unique items of their own. From a ‘Supernatural’ version of the old ‘Game of Life’ to an original Magic Fingers box; fans share their stories about their prized items.

Billie Jaso's Magic Fingers Box
Billie Jaso

Alexis George’s prized convention centerpieces

Here are two of my most favorite collectibles. I made them myself. One is the ‘Game of Life’ turned into a ‘Supernatural’ version that I used as a Centerpiece for Burbank Convention in 2012, I came in as runner-up. Same with the Christmas tree, but that one i used in Burbank 2013. I made most of the ornaments myself and collected all sorts of ‘Supernatural’ related items to put on the tree and onto the game board. I painted the mural in the background myself too.

Christopher Cline’s handmade trading cards

I have been collecting autographs from either meeting the actor in person or through the mail for many years now. I enjoy buying packs of trading cards at my local comic book store for many of the shows that I love. However when Inkworks went out of business, they had only done cards for the first three seasons of ‘Supernatural’ and I wanted more. I started using a program called Fotoflexer which I can set up my layout on and then drop in pictures and lettering that I need. I then get them printed on playing card stock and either sent them in the mail or have had the actors sign them when I see them in person. During this last Vegas convention, Osric Chau really loved the cards. He said, "How can you say someone is great who's never had his picture on bubblegum cards? “ Check out my website to see all my customs and auto's.

Billie Jaso’s Magic Fingers Box

After watching the second season episode ‘Houses of the Holy’ and seeing Dean's look of pure bliss as he relaxed with the Magic Fingers, I was determined to go on a road trip and find a motel that had it; just for fun, of course. This required doing some research, but I found out that there is only ONE motel left that still has the Magic Fingers; The Flamingo Motel in Coeur d'Arlene, Idaho. The rest of the machines are being auctioned off on Ebay. The cost of buying one and installing it on my bed was about half the cost of gas just to drive there, so I bought one. And I LOVE it! It was only the first in my collection of ‘Supernatural’ props and replicas.

Alison Fiddy’s story about her Supernatural waistcoat.

I really wanted something different to wear to the Vegas con, and found some lovely ‘Supernatural’ fabric on which allows you to have fabric printed from designs which people have put on their site. I ordered the fabric, and then my friend made it using a waistcoat pattern we had from previous waistcoats (I have a bit of a collection). I wore it all weekend and had some nice comments from people.

Paxton Moynihan's Plushies story

My POP! Collection has characters from ‘supernatural,’ ‘The Walking Dead,’ ‘Finding Nemo,’ and ‘The Avengers.’ I get them at Hot Topic or on Amazon. They usually stand guard around my fish tanks. Even though they're kind of kiddish, and I’m in college, a lot of people from my college collect them as well. I also two plushies that came from an Etsy shop called ‘Pocketfullofplushies.’ I bought Dean, and then had Gabriel specially made for me. Gabriel is my favorite character. I have some medical conditions including mitochondrial disease and a type of arthritis, and my Dean and Gabriel plushies have helped me get through during surgery a few times.

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