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“Supernatural” fans set sights on October’s Retrospective Special

“Supernatural” fans set sights on October’s Retrospective Special
“Supernatural” fans set sights on October’s Retrospective Special
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Yes, Winchester Brothers fans, it is true. The CW network will be airing a “Supernatural Retrospective Special” the night before the highly anticipated season 10 premiere. The “Supernatural Retrospective Special” will air Mon Oct 6 at 9/8c following the season premiere of CW’s hot spinoff series “The Originals.” Like a tasty appetizer, this special will tide fans over until Tuesday’s mouthwatering main course of two very hot brothers, a deliciously devilish demon, and an adorable wounded angel. This one hour of shiny goodness promises to be a look back at the past nine seasons of one of CW’s most successful series ever. Unlike most every other show, “Supernatural” has only gained momentum over the past few years, and thankfully, there is no finale in sight. According to CW lead man Mark Pedowitz, “It’s a treat to the fans that’ve supported the show for the prior nine years. It’s taking you back all through the nine years. It’s giving you some commentary from the cast and the creators, Eric Kripke, and the executive producers. It’s fun. It tells you what happened over the past nine years.”

Proof that the CW has had some nice success with spin-offs, the season premiere of "The Originals" will be Mon Oct 6, and the "Supernatural Retrospective Special" will follow. Although the “back door” pilot of the “Supernatural spinoff called “Supernatural: Tribes” fell flat, CW execs have hinted that they could even go 20 seasons.

Oct 6 still seems painfully far off. Thankfully fans already have the DVD/Blu-ray of "Supernatural: The Complete Ninth Season" marked on their calendars for Sep 9. So far the rumored features of this gem will include a featurette exploring the mythology of the Men of Letters; tours of the Men of Letters bunker set; the 2013 Comic-Con Panel; audio commentaries of “Blade Runners,” “Mother’s Little Helper,” and “Bloodlines.” Bonus will be a mockumentary hosted by the hugely popular Misha Collins, and, of course, they always fabulous gag reel and deleted scenes. Hang in there "Supernatural” fans. Fall will be here before you know it.