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‘Supernatural: Bloodlines’ spinoff pilot falls flat with fans

We really wanted to be able to write a spectacular review of the Supernatural spinoff pilot for Bloodlines. But, after last night’s airing of the embedded pilot we found ourselves rather put out, and apparently, we’re not alone. Today, social media sites were abuzz about the episode/pilot, and not in a good way.

'Supernatural: Bloodlines' falls flat
Chuck Hodes/The CW from Facebook -

Supernatural fans from all over the social media world were very vocal about their lack of love for the potential Bloodlines spinoff based on what they saw. While ratings for the episode were on the high side, many fans believed that this was simply because so many people were tuning in to see what Bloodlines would be about. One man commented that he only watched the whole thing because of the ‘train wreck’ effect, in which a person is paralyzed by horror and can’t look away.

Complaints ranged from the pilot being a carbon copy of The Originals (another CW show which scored lower in the ratings), to being entirely too different from the original show, Supernatural, to be interesting. Most of the fans on the fan page seemed to agree that it might have done well as a stand alone pilot for an unrelated show, but the concept simply didn’t fit well within the Supernatural universe as we know it.

That consensus was repeated on the official Supernatural Facebook fan page as commenter after commenter said that, as an episode, Bloodlines was terrible and should not have been shown in the line-up for the regular season of Supernatural. Again, the pilot was compared to The Originals, only this time a few fans demanded a “replacement episode” to make up for the time lost in the regular Supernatural season.

Once we sorted through the many thousands of comments, however, we did manage to find a few hundred that reflected well on the pilot. Most of these asked why the other commenters were complaining, and accused them of not liking it because there “wasn’t enough ‘Sam and Dean’ in the episode” to make them happy. The actual talking points in favor of Bloodlines were few and far between.

All in all, it looks like we’re not in much danger of there being a Supernatural: Bloodlines series. Not unless the showrunners manage to pull off something wild, like a second pilot that stands alone and develops the plot line far enough along to convince viewers to give it a second chance.

Supernatural airs on the CW on Wednesdays. Check local listing for exact times in your area.

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