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'Supernatural' 'Alex Annie Alexis Ann' recap: That hole inside

Supernatural -- "Alex Annie Alexis Ann" -- Pictured (L-R): Jensen Ackles as Dean and Reilly Dolman as Connor
Supernatural -- "Alex Annie Alexis Ann" -- Pictured (L-R): Jensen Ackles as Dean and Reilly Dolman as Connor
Katie Yu/CW, used with permission

The Tuesday, April 22 episode of "Supernatural," 919, "Alex Annie Alexis Ann," on the CW brings back Kim Rhodes as Sheriff Mills and vampires. Plus, Sam continues to notice the changes in his brother as the dark side of Dean comes out to play again.

"You calling my family weird? Oh, honey, you have no idea."

A mother's love Jody calls in Sam and Dean after she chops the head off a vampire who tracks down a girl who ran away, and when the DNA match comes through, they learn that she had been abducted eight years ago. The scars built up on her neck and the fact that she's still alive indicate she's likely a blood slave, and in cases like those, vampiric Stockholm syndrome is a real possibility. Though her name is Annie, she insists her name is Alex, and while she thinks it's time she moved on from the vampires, she refuses to tell them the location of her "family." Besides, if "Momma" finds her, she'll kill her.

Thanks to a bus ticket, they do manage to figure out the area she was in, and while Sam and Dean check out possible nest locations, Jody takes Alex up to her cabin in the woods. Alex is like that teenager who says all the wrong things because maybe she's trying to be rebellious, maybe it's because the vampires never gave her a lesson in manners or maybe she just doesn't care how it sounds, but Jody's family is still a rough subject, and she's still dealing with those losses. It doesn't help that Alex chooses to sleep in her son's room.

Sam and Dean do capture one of the vampires at a wood chipper, getting rid of the evidence of the bodies, and that vampire tells them that Momma didn't turn Alexis because she was "too good" for it. Alex is no saint; she's the one who lures men out of bars, with the name Ann, and brings them home like delivery for the vampires. When Jody reports that the rest of the family has pulled up to her cabin, Dean is the one who kills the vampire, but by the time they get there, the vampires have taken Alex and left Jody unconscious.

Jody insists on joining them in going after the vampires, and she refuses to believe that Alex is a lost cause. The priority may be to clean out the nest, but when Jody gets a chance to save Alex, she goes for it, only to find that Momma has already given her her blood, and she ends up sin the vampire's clutches. Meanwhile, one vampire knocks on Dean while another ties Sam to a chair and begins taking his blood for a road trip snack since they have to move on, but when they go to switch brothers, Dean's up and armed, and in the end, he wins – and he seems to enjoy it just a bit too much.

Downstairs in the basement, Alex tries to convince Momma to let Jody go, but Momma just accuses Jody of trying to fill a hole in her life with her girl. That's when Jody realizes why Momma changed Annie's name to Alex; she too lost someone, and she's trying to fill that hole. Before she can bite her, however, Alex comes to her rescue, and by the time Sam and Dean reach them, it's only in time to watch Jody behead Momma. Once again, Jody shows she can take care of herself.

After the hunt is over and Alex has been given the cure, Jody admits that her judgement was clouded. She'd been trying to bury the grief under work, religion and even dating, but she's been fooling herself. However, what this means is she can understand what Alex is going through. Her "family" may have been bloodsucking vampires, but she still lost everything she knew for the past eight years. Maybe there's hope for both of them.

Dark, dark Dean There isn't much about the brothers in this episode, with the focus more on Jody, but what we do see of them, much like what we've seen of them especially in the second half of the season, isn't pretty. Dean is still hurting from Sam's harsh truths ("Yeah, I know, you wouldn't have done the same for me," he tells his brother, echoing Sam's "I wouldn't" from "The Purge"), and Sam is still worried about what the mark of Cain is doing to Dean.

The darker side of Dean comes out both when he goes to kill Dale and when he takes out the vampire that's taking Sam's blood, but when Sam comments on it, all he says is, "Killing things that need killing is kind of our job. Last I checked, taking pleasure in that is not a crime." It just keeps looking worse and worse for Dean, and nothing seems to be looking up for the brothers' relationship.

"Supernatural" season 9 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on the CW. What did you think of episode 19 "Alex Annie Alexis Ann"?

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