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Supermoms take to wet drive challenge course

Supermom Ride-n-Drive at Cooper Tire Test Track facitlites
Supermom Ride-n-Drive at Cooper Tire Test Track facitlites
Tracy Iseminger

On Wednesday, May 7, Cooper Tires challenged a group of "Mommy Bloggers" to come out and drive the Cooper Tire Test Facility wet course and complete the distracted drive demo. The Supermom Ride-n-Drive is designed to share with concerned moms how tire selection does not have to be a daunting task and to give women the confidence to have a discussion with their local dealers about what tire is right for their car and family needs.

After a brief review of the newest tire in the Cooper Tire line, the CS5, the ladies were put to the test on the 14-acre wet pad, driving both a car fitted with the CS5 and the other with Perelli tires of the same quality. After 3 laps in each and multiple drivers spun off course, the numbers and testimonials spoke loudly to the quality of the new CS5. For a fun dry surface demo, former Indy car driver Johnny Unser took all the girls out for some hot laps and drifting on the skid track as well where plenty of screams were heard.

Just what makes this tire so special? For starters, it is made with 4 times more silica than it's previous version, the CS4, to improve wet handling and braking, and providing better fuel economy. Improved siping and perhaps one of the smaller but smarter features is one that most everyone will truly appreciate, the new wear square tire wear indicating system. Now you can easily look at your tires and tell how much life expectancy you have left.

In the afternoon, the ladies again came back to the track to experience a worn tire session. Driving first a car with two worn tires on the back and new CS5 tires on the front. The second run, the tires were reversed with new in the back and worn on the front. This is a simple demonstration of the scenario of what to do when you can not afford a new full set of tires and you can only afford to replace two. It was clear to see that the new tires should always be placed on the rear of the car for safer driving conditions.

Next it was onto the distracted driving course where these moms were put to the test of driving with everyday distractions. Each driver completed the course once without distraction. Then each mom immediately drove again with a crew of passengers demanding the radio station be changed, turn on the air conditioner, throwing toys, lost baby bottle in the back seat, etc... This test dramatically shows how dangerous distracted driving can be as the obstacle course was not so cleanly driven while distracted.

At the end of the day, Cooper Tires knows that 65% of purchases are made by women and realize that women want a safe, dependable quality tire at a great value. This experiment helps to show the Cooper Tire mission of making tires for people not cars. Sharing with women just how it feels to have a tire that you know you can count on, giving them the confidence they need to make smart decisions for their own families.

Follow #CooperCS5 and #Supermom for more photos from the 2014 Supermom Ride-n-Drive.

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