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Supermodel Naomi Campbell on Confidence in The Wall Street Journal

Naomi Campbell is the woman Vogue Magazine says "helped put the super into supermodel" and was the first black model to make the cover of Time Magazine. She is a formidable force in fashion, but she is not a perfect person -- who is? She sometimes throws temper tantrums, she has fallen flat on her fanny on the runway during a fashion show in Paris. Yet in spite of all her imperfections she has held on to her supermodel status. Her secret to success? Confidence.

Campbell Comes Tumbling Down
Rex Features

"If you carry yourself like you have confidence, you could actually have it," says Campbell,
"or you could not, but we'll never know will we?" WSJ.Magazine, The Wall Street Journal's weekend magazine, decision to ask Campbell to comment on confidence placed her in some interesting company. Five other "luminaries" -- including actress Carrie Fisher, world-ranked tennis player Andy Murray and Beth Ditto, frontwoman for the band Gossip -- weighed in on the subject of confidence, for the magazine's May 31st edition.

"I say a little prayer and cross myself before I step out in front of people. I try to use my nerves to overcome and make me do a good job," she says. Modeling since the age of 15, Campbell has been doing a good job for almost three decades and despite her downfalls her confidence has kept her as a key fashion figure.

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