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Supermodel Adriana Lima owes sleek physique to Paleo diet and 'Sleekify'

Adriana Lima reveals secrets of sleek physique.
Adriana Lima reveals secrets of sleek physique.
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Ever watched those Victoria's Secret supermodels enviously they saunter sleekly down the runway? Wondered if they lived on air and exercised for hours and hours each day? Now Adriana Lima is sharing the secrets of her tight, toned body, from diet to fitness, reported Contact Music on Jan. 3.

Adriana has hired a Paleo diet expert to guide her on the "eat this, not that" stringent rules of the plan.

"The basic idea of the Paleo Diet is to eat what is natural and available," explained her nutritionist Dr. Charles Passler.

What can't Adriana eat?

  • No processed foods.
  • No grains such as cereals and breads.
  • No alcohol.
  • No sugar.

It's a low carb, high fat, high protein diet that's designed to focus on non-starchy vegetables, unprocessed forms of protein such as meat and healthy fats such as nuts. Get more insights on how the Paleo diet works by clicking here.

But diet is only part of the equation when it comes to shaping a body that can make those Victoria's Secret itsy bitsy bikini and boudoir basics look fit and fabulous.

Adriana's trainer Michael Olajide, Jr. is her secret weapon when it comes to exercise. He's put all his shape-up tricks into a book: "Sleekify!: The Supercharged No-Weights Workout to Sculpt and Tighten Your Body in 28 Days!" (click for details).

With more than 20 years in the fitness industry, Michael has a lot to say about what really works to get fast results. And not only does he train those supermodels: His supermodel client Adriana wrote the preface. Part of the approach that works for her: No equipment or weights needed.

"With two little girls, it can be tough to find time to go to the gym," Adriana told Self magazine in a recent interview.

"Jumping rope is something I can easily do at home - I try and squeeze it in during my daughters' nap time!"

And jumping rope is a key element in Michael's "Sleekify approach."

In the book, Michael explains why intensity is key, and goes into the details of why you need to do different types of exercises to get real results. Included in the plan are three elements: Boxing, jumping rope and sculpting. He emphasizes that he's designed it to avoid the need the need to stress about learning to use all types of gym equipment.

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