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Supermarket shooting Georgia: Kroger shooting details emerge

 Shoppers push grocery carts filled with fireworks they purchased at a supermarket
Shoppers push grocery carts filled with fireworks they purchased at a supermarket
Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

A shooting at a Kroger grocery store left two injured on Tuesday. The supermarket shooting in Georgia took place in a crowded store as shoppers raced to gather supplies ahead of an approaching snowstorm. Police in Lawrenceville arrested one man in connection with the incident, but left few details are available on what led to shots being fired, citing a Feb. 10 ABC News report.

Police in the Atlanta suburb said shots were fired inside the local Kroger grocery store after an apparent argument or fight of some sort took place. Two unidentified women were shot: one in the leg, the other in her torso area. Thankfully, the injuries sustained were not life-threatening.

The details of the supermarket shooting are unclear; Georgia authorities have not said what connection to the shooting the women have or if they were shot by errant gunfire not intended for them.

The scene is a little chaotic. You can probably imagine with everybody stocking up on bread and milk," said Lawrenceville Police Captain Greg Vaughn.

This Kroger is actually pretty busy anyway, and you're looking at noontime, and then they had extra customers in here stocking up for our snowstorm," Vaughn added.

In light of the recent mass shootings in public places, supermarkets, schools, and theaters, it's understandable why the public is on edge for any mention of gunfire. Sources say shoppers at the noontime shooting ran for cover and some took shelter wherever they could until police cleared the frantic scene.

Unconfirmed sources point to tension of customers trying to get their hands on limited supplies ahead of the approaching snowstorm, which is fueled by another so-called polar vortex.

Georgia's governor has already declared a state of emergency and advises residents to stock up on essentials. Moreover, businesses and schools are closing early before conditions deteriorate.

Kroger issued a statement of sympathy to the victims and shoppers present during the shooting at the Georgia supermarket.

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