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Elkhart shooting: 3 dead including shooter

An Elkhart, Indiana shooting occurred at Martin’s Supermarket where three persons were killed on Wednesday night at about 10:00 p.m., according to Fox News on Thursday. The three dead persons include the person who shot and killed two women.

Supermarket in Elkhart, Indiana where three people died on Jan. 15, 2014
WGN-TV screenshot

The Elkhart shooting suspect has been identified as Shawn Walter Bair, 22, of Elkhart. He entered the grocery store and had a semi-automatic handgun. He shot and killed a woman and then walked to another aisle of the store where he shot and killed another woman. One of the women was an employee of the store and the other was in the store to shop. The employee was said to be in her late teens or a little older while the shopper appeared to be in her 40s. The two victims were some 12 aisles apart within the building. The store employee who was murdered has been identified as Krystle Dikes, 20, of Elkhart. Dikes had just recently been hired by Martins Supermarket.

Just as the shooter was pointing the gun at a third person - reportedly the manager of the store - Elkhart police entered the store and killed him. When Bair was distracted by the police arriving at the scene, it gave the store manager an opportunity to escape. Prior to the policemen's arrival, surveillance camera video shows the shooter taunting the store manager as he was instructed to get on the floor on his knees with his hands up, in a praying-motion.

The shooter had several rounds of ammunition along with a large caliber, semi-automatic handgun and a huge knife. The shooter shot several rounds of the ammunition.

The store is located at 3900 East Bristol Street in Elkhart.

The names of the gunman and the two victims were not released, and police do not know if the shooter knew the two women.

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