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'Superior Iron Man' completes Marvel's big three overhaul

The big three sure look different
The big three sure look different
Marvel Comics

First it was the reveal of a female Thor on "The View." Then it was Falcon taking over as Captain America on "The Colbert Show." Now Marvel's big three has completed their aesthetic overhaul with the announcement of "Superior Iron Man" and the launch of Avengers NOW.

Tony Stark will begin life anew as he takes his talents from the Big Apple to San Francisco, trading military contracts for app development ones in Silicon Valley. Yep, billionaire playboy Tony Stark will now change professions and become an app developer after making his Extremis technology public knowledge.

By incorporating the Extremis program into a mass produced app, Stark hopes to free the population of their negative tendencies and even avoid death itself. But playing God isn't very heroic by any superhero standard often times emitting cockiness thus the Superior tag. Stark will come face to face with many of his friends in the superhero community that do not share the same futuristic view as him.

Marvel's previous venture into Superior grounds lasted for 31 issues in the form of "Superior Spider-Man" which saw long time villain Dr. Ock take the mantle of the web-crawler believing he could be a better hero than the original.

Unlike "Superior Spider-Man," this new Iron Man will still be Tony Stark. Well, more like a new Tony Stark. The egotistical, alcoholic everyman will no longer hold himself to the moral standards of society that have restricted him through the years. He is who he is and the world will see what he is capable of without chains in "Superior Iron Man."

This next evolution for Tony Stark, marks the third major character overhaul for Marvel this week. With a mysterious identity hidden (for now) female Thor and a new Captain America, Marvel has once again shaken the status quo. The last huge status quo change in the Marvel universe came in 2007 after the events of Civil War.

Steve Rogers was assassinated with Bucky Barnes assuming the role as a new darker Captain. Tony Stark became the new head of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Thor led the Asgardians to live on Earth. Marvel now enters another new era with a whole slew of issue #1's.

Didn't a re-numbering just happen not too recently with the Marvel NOW! initiative? What do you think about re-numbering so soon and of the new status quos in the Marvel universe? Let me know in the comments and on Twitter!

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