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Superheroes: The personification of liberal government?

Merry Christmas all. Its been way too long, so here goes. 

I was sitting with my son this evening watching and episode of "Word Girl" on PBS. You know, the commercial free station that's "... made possible by viewers like you." 

During the show, the townspeople were waiting in line at the bank to bring their money in when, of course, the whole town is locked into "National National Bank"'s vault by a known villain. Sadly, Word Girl, in her normal manner, is locked up with the rest of the town's people, and is unable to transform into her identity concealing costume. Thus, she is unable to save the day.

Meanwhile, the complacent townspeople are not concerned with the goings on. They know that Word Girl is going to come and save the day. This got me to thinking about the complacency of "liberal minded" folks. You know, those who are all about wanting some kind of big government to come in and give them what they need/want. The people who are looking for the government to "save the day."

So what does this all mean? Just like in the episode of "Word Girl", and in movies like "Batman" or "Superman", the people of our country have become complacent, lazy, and unwilling to concern themselves with, well, themselves. There is no longer a concern with, "How will I pay my mortgage?, How are these medical bills going to get paid?, Who's going to educate my child?" These concerns have been left in the hands of our ever growing, all powerful, moving quickly to communistic, government. The government has provided housing if you're too poor. They will pay your bills, or make the hospital eat the cost, if you can't afford it. They do teach our children. 

And how is this working out for us so far? Those who live in government housing are subject to random entry by the "landlord" without notice or consent. They are also subject to excessive inspections. Of course, this is because the government cares. Ask these people, though, whether this is acceptable to them, or if they can get out of it. In both cases, you will get a big, fat, NO.

How about those laws that say that hospitals have to eat the costs for those who can't pay for it? Is that working for anyone? It has accomplished one thing. It has increased the cost of healthcare. Should these people be able to have access to healthcare? Sure, but should everyone else have to pay for it? Even if they don't want to, or can't afford to? Well, of course not. If I had a sick friend who needed a $30,000 operation in order to survive, would you say, "Sure, here's $5 from me, and then I'm going to go over here and take his $5 too. Because its the right thing to do for your friend." Of course not, you'd likely get shot. But, I bet you if I asked enough people, I could still raise the money by willing people. Why, because we, as humans, care about the health and well being of each other. Yet here we are, granting that privilege to a government who doesn't care one iota about any of us. "Because they are our hero."

And how about that education? Well, every year, our school systems become worse and worse. Once upon a time, our public schools were the envy of the world. We had the best. What happened? Simple. We became complacent. We decided that it was the government's job to teach our kids, not ours. We don't help the teachers teach our kids any more. Instead, we have left it in our government's hands. And here we go in a downward educational spiral. Gone from number 1, to the laughing stock of the world.

So lets go back to Word Girl. It seems like the trust built into a superhero is just like that of the trust we now have toward our government. But superheroes have faults. They can't do everything. Word girl could not save the day. Our government has MANY faults. They can't save the day. So why should we trust them?

What happens when the hero fails? The people rise up. The people have the power to do, significantly more then any hero. What happens when our government fails? And yes, it will happen, all oligarchies do. We the People, will rise up. The question that remains is, "how long before we take a stand?"


  • The Butcher 5 years ago

    Yeah, what he said - about the government. Not so cute and cuddly now, are you WordGirl! Pastrami attack!

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