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Superhero TV Shows In The Immediate Future For Broadcast Networks

Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

With superheroes still burning up the box office and plenty more planned, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of plans for superhero-themed shows for the small screen as swell. The action is going on at Fox, The CW, and ABC.

ABC went ahead with its small screen tie-in to Marvel Entertainment Group’s Cinematic Universe of related movies with "Agents of SHIELD." The CW has its surprise hit with the Green-Arrow themed "Arrow."

For the CW, Arrow has served as the launching point for a bunch of ideas. There have been rumors of a launch of a new version of the golden-aged hero, Hourman and possibly a team show with a live version of the animated young superhero show, Young Justice. The problem that the CW has is that it has only ten prime-time hours of programming a week. All of these together could eat up close to half of its primetime schedule. The most likely spinoff from "Arrow" looks to be a new version of "The Flash," which was last tried by CBS in 1990.

While DC comics is working primarily with the CW on superhero properties, one DC comics themed show may be headed to Fox. Fox could host a pre-Batman look at the world of Gotham City. The original conception may have been a gritty cop show called, "Gotham PD, "which would have looked at such Batman stalwarts as Commissioner Gordon in his pre-commissioner and pre-Batman days. It seems more clear that Gotham may look at the development of a young Bruce Wayne and some of the Batman villains. There appears to be no tie to any DC superhero movies.

ABC may be going ahead with a bit of a Captain America/Agents of SHIELD spinoff called, "Agent Carter", which would be a look at a World War II-era Peggy Carter and would tie in to the movies.
So, in looking at the expansion of live action super hero programming on the broadcast networks for the immediate future, there are a number of best bets at this point.

“The Flash” seems destined as a tie-in with the CW’s hit, "Arrow". Marvel Entertainment Group and Disney, both owned by ABC look like they are extending into broadcast TV via Captain America and "Agents of SHIELD". Fox is getting into the game with a DC-owned property with "Gotham."

Only the entertainment juggernaut that is Disney seems to have a unified plan to extend its properties from movies into the TV realm and have a, more or less, unified platform. There appears there will be no ties between Arrow and The Flash and any DC-based movies. Fox has the rights to some Marvel properties for movies, but is going ahead with a DC property for a broadcast TV show.

What will also be interesting to see is if any of these TV properties will go back to their original sources, comic books, or even into video games.

That however is a discussion for a future look if any of these plans succeed.

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