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Supergirl now a Red Lantern

Red Daughter of Krypton

We all know Supergirl as Superman's cousin. With the new reboot in New 52, many of us know her as one angry, whiny Kryptonian teenager. Her rage might be getting her some where though. In Supergirl #28 after her fight with Lobo the Red Lantern ring is alerted of a new host, Supergirl. We are all tired of seeing a one sided character, but Supergirl writer Tony Bedard said this this will be a chance for Kara to grow into a heroic woman of Earth. But doesn't being a Red Lantern just mean she'll be even more full of rage? Way yes it will help her come to terms with the anger, but when? How long will it take to get something else outta Supergirl other than a outfit change?

But for readres who are going to stick to Supergirl's very angry side, you'll get to read about her adventures as a Red Lantern in Red Lantern by Charles Soule. You will also get to follow the Supergirl story line "Red Daughter of Krypton".

Tony Bedard has stated, " New villains, stronger supporting cast, and a new outlook. That's where Kara Zor-El is headed, and she's going to pass through the crucible to get there. It's what this character deserves and I hope everyone reading this will come along for the ride."

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