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Superfoods can do wonders for weight loss

Great superfoods for weight loss
Great superfoods for weight loss

The obesity epidemic is for real. It appears that never before have so many people been addicted to high calorie, sugary junk food and sedentary lifestyles which has lead to the widespread obesity problem. There are some superfoods that can help you create a weight loss miracle reported Doctor's Health Press on June 6, 2014.

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Oatmeal is a great food to help you control your weight. Oatmeal is a whole grain which contains a high concentration of soluble fiber. In your digestive tract this fiber combines with water and keeps you feeling full, therefore preventing you from constant snacking. Furthermore, oatmeal helps prevent excessive fat gain by helping to regulate your blood sugar and keeping it low. Consumption of at least half a cup of oatmeal per day at breakfast is recommended.

Black-eyed peas are very nutritious and tasty. They are considered legumes and contain generous amounts of fiber, protein, and nutrients. Black-eyed peas help keep blood sugar levels low and regulated, therefore preventing you from craving sweets. Improved insulin sensitivity which is triggered by this superfood will allow you to burn stored body fat a great deal more efficiently. It is suggested that you try eating at least three-quarters of a cup of black-eyed peas two to three times per week.

Sweet potatoes are a delicious source of vitamin C and beta-carotene. Because they are very low on the glycemic scale they can help regulate your blood sugar levels. Sweet potatoes taste great plain or in a pie. It's a good idea to eat at least one sweet potato every day to help you stay energized and thin.

Green tea can also help you stay thin and healthy. Catechins are chemicals in green tea which help decrease blood pressure, decrease inflammation, improve insulin sensitivity, and stabilize blood sugar. The catechins in green tea also help to improve your fat-burning capacity. Three to four cups of green tea daily to help with weight control is recommended.

The safest way to lose weight is a lot of exercise along with healthy eating reports the U.S. National Library of Medicine. Good dieting involves learning new, healthy ways of eating and making them a part of your daily routine. Bringing some delicious superfoods into your daily diet routine can help you with a magical loss of weight and great weight control.

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