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Superfast Gaming Graphics in iPad 2

The iPad 2 is faster and thinner and lighter than iPad 1. It has a pair of video cameras one at the back and the other at the front. Below we shall look at the some of the features of this iPad version.


When you compare the resolution of this tablet with that of the iPhone 4 it looks fuzzy. An iPad 2 tablet features 132 pixels per inch resolution with an incredibly sensitive touchscreen which is made of shiny glass. There is also an LED-backlit IPS technology which gives you impressive colors and perfect view at every angle.


This tablet can hold up to 350,000 apps, of which only 60000 are specifically customized for iPad. However, Apple still leads in the number of apps in the app market and no other brand has been able to rival this wide margin.


This iPad has both the front and back cameras. These features are important for the Facetime app on the iPad 2. The FaceTime video is not as sharp as that of the iPhone 4 or the iPad versions that came after iPad 2. Its camera pixels are at 640 x 480 displayed over 768 x 1024 screen, which means resolution is not that bad.

Smart cover

The screen cover which also serves as a stand for the iPad 2 is a smart solution. The cover folds back like a book cover and also serve as a screen protector and a typing stand. You can use it to support the iPad as a picture frame or for a webchat window in landscape mode. The cover has a fiber cloth on it that cleans the screen. The smart covers are available in both poly and leather.


With dual core A5 CPU and superfast gaming graphics the CPU is at-least 2x faster, with the graphics as much as 9x. When you pinch the screen to zoom it responds instantly because of its extra sensitive.

Video and battery life

The battery is said to last for up to 10 hrs and the tablet has a 720p HD video recording capabilities with inbuilt speakers. So you can enjoy the good features on the iPhone 2 without being interrupted by battery failure.


The iPad 2 delivers a processor that is two times more powerful than its predecessor. It also comes with a Dual-core A5 processor. This allows you to run apps in your device faster and more efficiently.

Built-in 3G on AT&T and Verizon

The first generation iPad only allowed users to connect to the internet while on the go over the AT&T’s 3G connection. To connect to the Verizon’s network you had to add another product like the MiFi 2200 Hotspot. Fortunately, iPad 2 comes with the ability for users to users to connect to either Verizon’s 3G network or the AT&T’s 3G network without the need for any other products.

iPad 2 is one of the smart additions on its iPad cache with Google chasing after the Apple Company and determined to win in the tablet game; Apple faces stiff competition in the years ahead.

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