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Supercross vs. Roller Derby: Similarities and differences

Lets start with the similarities because the differences are obvious. They're both inside competitions and they both have teams competing against other teams with individuals on one team trying to score points toward a single victory which could turn into a series championship. Although in Roller Derby the series championship goes to the whole team where as in Supercross when the team wins a championship most of the credit goes to the individual rider.

The opening ceremonies are not quite as spectacular as in Supercross but they have the same idea on rider/skater introductions.
The opening ceremonies are not quite as spectacular as in Supercross but they have the same idea on rider/skater introductions.
Glen C Hoffman

The riders, I mean skaters, are all given nick names just like the supercross riders except the roller derby girls go strictly by their nicknames. They also have to stay inside a marked course or track except a roller derby track is a flat track laid out in a roller skating rink as opposed to a jump filled dirt track in a football stadium with right and left turns. Maybe someday roller derby could evolve to a track with jumps and rhythm sections inside a larger venue. You just never know because who would of ever thought 40 years ago supercross would be what it is today.

H.A.R.D is the Harrisburg Area Roller Derby women's league and they played the Pottstown Roller Derby Rockstars Sunday April 6, 2014 to start their season. The Rockstars ended up beating the HARD girls but it wasn't easy for them.

At half time the Rockstars were up with double the points of the HARD girls making it look like the Harrisburg team wasn't quite ready to begin their season. But with a never give up attitude and a motivating half time pep talk by their coachs Renegad Raven, Nash Villain and Matt DeCapitator (yes even the coaches go by only their nicknames) the HARD girls came out with something to prove. With this new found sense of urgency the Harrisburg team quickly closed the huge lead that Pottstown had put on them in the first half. At one point the HARD girls even had a few points advantage. Unfortunately this advantage didn't last long.

Both teams were getting tired in the last period but the Rockstars defense was stronger then the Harrisburg team's. That along with the visibly sluggish jammers late in the fourth period allowed Pottstown to score more point in that final period to take home the win.

Be sure to check out a bout near you or come to the next home bout at the Olympic Skating Center May 18, 2014 at 5:30 pm. Be sure to bring your own lawn chair because sitting is limited and if you come early you can tail gate with the other fans just like at supercross.

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