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Superbugs, what is making them worse?

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It is well known now that the over prescribing of antibiotics can lead to the uprising of ‘superbugs’, resistant to common antibiotics. But has this knowledge changed things in the hospital setting? The CDC report “Vital Signs”, addresses the over-prescribing of antibiotics in hospitals today, and the future implications.

Some hospitals are prescribing 3 times the amount of antibiotics as compared to others. And more than half of all hospital patients receive antibiotics during their stay. What does this mean for us? That there is a large number of variants contributing to this problem. According to the CDC, poor prescribing contributes to antibiotic resistance, and health complications for the patient.

What can patients do? Ask if the proper tests are being done to make sure the right prescription is being prescribed to you. And make sure everyone that comes into contact with you is washing their hands. This will reduce the amount of exposer to bacteria and thus reduce the chances of getting a bacterial infection.