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Superbowl fast food deals

Fast food not the superbowl winner yet
Fast food not the superbowl winner yet

There's a balance when it comes to eating fast food during the superbowl. That balance lies between how much pizza vs. how many wings you consume. Should you consider soda as empty calories, like filling up on bread? Where is that magical line between time devoted to appetizers vs. desserts? When does an advertisement appear so funny that it warrants telling other partygoers to shut up in order to listen to the commercial?

The four to five hour spectacle (depending on how much pregame vacuous chatter you can stomach) becomes nothing but a balancing act. Thankfully, fast food restaurants have picked up on this dilemma and are trying to offer party packs or dinner boxes and the like that will provide a large quantity and a respectable variety. Pizza chains, such as Pizza Hut and their 'Big Dinner Box' (Pizza, breadsticks, pasta wings) or Wing Hut variety boxes of wings have been forerunners in this field.

The combination of pizza, wings, soda, and breadsticks has been long established as a good value variety pack. With much respect to Taco Bell, they have put forward their party box of hard and soft shell offerings, which, through clever particularized marketing has indeed found its way into group gatherings.

Other chains have yet to capitalize fully on group deals, but you still have some good, balanced options when bargain hunting this superbowl Sunday. Pizza chains, Taco Bell, KFC family buckets, and Chipotle burrito boxes are good starting places. Or if you want to be a snob, there's catering.

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