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Superbowl and relationship intimacy

Super Bowl Hug during the game
Super Bowl Hug during the game

Let's face it ladies if intimacy and closeness is what you want this Sunday, then sitting next to the designated significant other is the only place to be.

Give and take in a relationship is key to bring about peace and harmony. If he goes to the mall, helps with the children, goes to chick flicks occasionally, or does maintenance on your car; it's only fair to give up Sunday afternoon during the Super Bowl. All is fair in love and sports.

Sit up, prep up, and cuddle up this Sunday next to the special ones of the opposite sports gender. Each woman and man have to make a decision when it comes to sports. If there is a dye hard fan or sportsman/woman in the house; supporting each other brings intimacy, and a deeper love and respect for each other.

Remember snacks are important! Bean dips, chips, salsa, pizza, and all finger foods are fair game.

Note to all viewing sportsmen; it's a good idea to assist the lady in your life in picking up the snacks if she's joining the viewing of the game. Just a suggestion.

Live life to the fullest and have fun doing it!