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Superbowl 2014 and your relationship

With the Superbowl only a day away there are many people getting ready for the big day.

Depending on if your team is playing in the big game will definitely determine your enthusiasm about the outcome of the game.

The big game will be held in New York (really across the Hudson river at Metlife Stadium home of the Giants and the Jets)

For the Seahawk fans this is a great time for Seattle. Despite the controversy surrounding the end of the game against the 49ers (which there is always some controversy before any big game with a championship on the line) the fans are still hoping that their team will be the best team in the end.

For the Denver fans this is also a great time to be a fan. With Payton Manning as quarterback despite his health issues in the past, he is playing stronger than ever with a great offensive line of support.

Ladies if you are not a fan of the game too bad. If there is a time to become a football fan this is definitely it. Just about every household in the neighborhood will have the game on, including yours. And of course there are the commercials. In some cases the Superbowl commercials are better than the game.

See past commercials here

The game starts at 6:30 PM ET. Half time will feature Bruno Mars.

If the game, the commercials or the half time show is not enough to make you want to watch then do it for him. Surely he would appreciate it. Depending on who wins he may need someone to celebrate with or a shoulder to cry on.

You can also use it to your advantage. With Valentine's Day coming up this will definitely give you an edge.

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