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Super wheels at Houston's own Comicpalooza

We've heard it all before, 'chicks dig the car', but at Houston's own Comicpalooza, held on Memorial Day weekend 2014, blue police boxes, dark avenging wheels, and smooth Star Wars vans were in a class all their own.

SHIELD SUV, ready for the road.
SHIELD SUV, ready for the road.
Ashley LaCour
These Jurassic Park vehicles were only a few of the terrific fantasy conveyances at Houston's own Comicpalooza
Photo by Ashley LaCour

With the majority of he principal cast of 'Agents of SHIELD' headlining the show, Agent Coulson's own SUV had a prime spot in the celebrity area of the con. Fully decked out with SHIELD issue graphics, emergency lights, and off-road tires, it attracted a lot of attention from con-goers. This wasn't just for laughs either, it was one of the show vehicles used in the Avengers movie, as well as the pilot for the ABC TV series 'Agents of SHIELD'.

Among other fandom vehicles was a replica of Sam and Dean Winchester's Impala, from the CW TV series, 'Supernatural' fully stocked with evil fighting gear, a custom Star Wars van reminiscent of the large mobile canvases of the 1970's. Crisply adorned with scenes from Star Wars, favoring the villains of the franchise this van attracted many fans to come check out vehicle chock full of grooviness.

And to add to the local coolness of Houston's genre fandom, three vehicles present were customized by hometown fans .

The 1989 Batmobile which found everyone from Robin to Poison Ivy behind the wheel , was built by John Salazar of Katy, TX. John has brought his Batmobile to other fan events such as Free Comic Book Day in the Houston area.

Also, on hand was a Jurassic Park tour vehicle built by Christopher Orgeron and a Jurassic Jeep by Alan Steinberg both of the Houston area. Fortunately, no one had to dig through Triceratops droppings or dodge a T-rex to get close to take pictures of these terrific vehicles.

And for completely different conveyances, Ronald McDonald's big red shoe-mobile, and The Doctor's TARDIS rounded out the show vehicles very nicely. You could take picks of and with the shoe, and could donate to the Ronald McDonald House charities, and Whovians could take pictures with and inside the TARDIS.

These fantastic vehicles were just a small part of the fun and fandom at Comicpalooza, and next looks to be even bigger and better.

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