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Super Teacher Series of books help teachers raise test scores, engage students

Super Teacher Series of books help teachers raise test scores, engage students
Jason Stanley

Two new books are available that help teachers learn about their students. Jason Stanley has compiled information based on actual classroom experiences when he was the principal of an international school system. The books are written specifically to train and assist teachers and university level education students in the use of brain based teaching in the classroom. Please note, they are not written as normal college texts. They are written in a very casual, interactive popular style.

“I have been very fortunate that they have recently been selected as text books for an education program at a California State University,” says Stanley.

“Super Teacher’s Inside Look at How Kids Learn: Brain Based Learning and Teaching” is an overview of brain based learning and teaching. It covers the basic science, what works and what doesn’t, and what is the teacher’s responsibility and what isn’t.

“Super Teacher’s Six Success Steps: Winning Teaching Methods” covers the step-by-step procedures of how to use the brain based teaching system in the classroom.

The upcoming book in the series will be “Super Teacher’s Classroom Management: No Stress Success”. It will cover how brain based teaching techniques create a foundation for integrating Redirecting Children’s Behavior (RCB), and immediate positive feedback techniques to create an environment of cooperation and personal bests, where the students become personally engaged in and focused on their learning. Book #3 is due to be published mid-2014.

“Like most professional teachers and school administrators I had been frustrated by inefficient classrooms that leave most students bored and disconnected from the joy of learning,” says Stanley. “When, as the principal of an international school I was faced with archaic attitudes of education coupled with a need for helping develop and mold the minds and hearts of highly successful global citizens I was faced with finding a solution to this apparent insurmountable clash of subcultures that had to be integrated within one educational structure.”

“The solutions my team and I found and implemented were as elegant as they were simple and hugely successful. Though a combined effort of research, trials, successes and failures we found a process that hugely impacted learning and teaching. The process made teaching a joy and learning fun while providing amazing results. I feel that by reporting and explaining the processes and procedures in a manner that is available to everyone I can provide a huge service to both teachers and students. That is why I started writing the Super Teacher Series of educational books that explains Active Brain Based Learning and Teaching (ABBLAT) its uses and power,” he says.

The books are designed for teachers who:

  • Want a powerful tested way of getting all of their students engaged in the joy of learning
  • Want their students to be partners in learning
  • Refuse to run their classrooms like a military boot camp or suffer from the chaos of an unfocused inattentive student body.
  • Truly have their student's success as the highest priority.
  • Want to be the most professional teacher they can be.
  • Love teaching.

“If you are dealing with students who are frequently distracted, or just apathetic or even actively disruptive this is a great way to get even your most difficult students engaged in learning,” Stanley says. “If you are overwhelmed by trying to teach to multiple learning styles or multiple intelligences, the Active Brain Based Learning and Teaching (ABBLAT) system solves that issue by making teaching more effective, more fun, and actually much easier. If you need better test scores (common core etc.) this system can bring your whole class up by at least one letter grade and eliminate all failure marks.”

Fourteen of fifteen reviews on Amazon give the first book five stars. The reviews say:

"This book is an invaluable tool for teachers of all age groups, who feel that their students could be participating more fully and more enjoyably in their classes."

"While every teacher aims to have "active learners" in their classrooms, few strive for engaged learners who ultimately must realize they are responsible for their own success. Mastering this principle of ownership is essential for establishing a student's attitude toward lifetime learning."

“Jason Stanley writes as I imagine he teachers; personalizing the topics, lots [of] rhetoric questions that involve the audience and show by doing. He puts himself in his readers/students shoes and writes in concise easy to read language.”

“The six steps form the nuts and bolts of the system and include lots of examples to show how they translate to the classroom. Written in an enthusiastic and chatty style, there are no convoluted explanations as to how or why ABBLAT works, just plenty of reasons and examples as to why it does.”

“If your class is easily distracted or your students have trouble paying attention and absorbing the information you provide, then this book can definitely help where other systems have not. Some of the steps seem a little silly, but that's why they work. The students are engaged throughout the class period and not only for bits and pieces.”

Jason Stanley grew up in Southern California, raced cars in Texas, lived and worked as an educator in Southern Vietnam, now lives in Southern Thailand. With a career as an administrator in schools and teaching he developed an expertise in the education theory and classroom use of Brain Based Learning and Teaching (ABBLAT) as the head principal of Asia Pacific College (APC), an international K-12 school system in Southern Vietnam. While with APC he administered nine campuses in five cities that included a staff of several hundred of teachers.

Book #1 Super Teacher’s Inside Look at How Kids Learn

Book #2 Super Teacher’s Six Success Steps

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