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Super STOL is an amazing amateur-build airplane

Excellent STOL plane
Excellent STOL plane
Just Aircraft

Next to speed and some aerobatic capabilities - what is the most popular airplane feature? STOL of course, the short takeoff and landing.

One of the best on the market is SuperSTOL , the latest product from Just Aircraft. The SuperSTOL sports is an all metal wing aerodynamically designed to enhance slow flight capabilities while also increasing cruise speed.

Furthermore, the wing incorporates self-deploying leading edge slats and long span fowler flaps to further improve the aircraft's stall range. To complement the new wing we have installed a new landing gear system that takes full advantage of a hydraulic strut with a long distance of travel. The tail wheel also incorporates a hydraulic shock to lessen aggressive off airport landings. No other aircraft kit manufacturer offers a comparable airplane.

Very useful: The wing slats, when combined with the large fowler flaps, allow the aircraft to be flown at extremely high angles of attack permitting it to 'drop' into small or inclined clearings.

SuperSTOL provides access to considerably more off-airport landing sites, making the plane one of the most versatile back country planes ever built. With the new wing configuration, the Highlander will cruise at 110 mph, land at 32 mph, and take off or land with as little as 150 feet of runway.

The package includes:

  • Two 13.5 gallon wing tanks
  • Wings mated to the fuselage
  • 21 inch Tundra tires
  • Extreme brake package

Extensive information is available on manufacturer's web site.

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