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Super-Spies Adventures – Delightful Interactive Coloring Application

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Many generations of children grew up enjoying coloring books. Coloring is a very fun activity for young children, but also a very important development tool. It helps kids to learn how to distinguish colors and improve their fine hand coordination, which are skills needed to successfully learn writing. In the modern world, it seems like kids have less and less time to read or color physical books, and instead are much more interested in mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Now, a company called TouchActionApps LLC decided to produce an app that presents the same wonderful coloring experience, but does it by using an iPad or an iPhone.

Super-Spies Adventures is an interactive story about kids named Sam and Martha. At first, they appear to be regular children whose parents one night tuck them in their beds and leave them to sleep. But, when they leave, this ordinary brother and sister turn into Super Spies who have a secret HQ. When they find out that Dr. Pinkeye has an evil plan to steal every can and bag of pet food and then start to rule the world, they must do something to stop him.

The app presents this exciting adventure in the form of graphics which need to be colored. As the story progresses, the kids enjoying it can color new images. This interactive process will keep them interested till the very end. Verbal narration and customized character voices follow everything that is going on with Sam and Martha, while a clear text is also present on the screen.

This way, kids using the app will be able to easily follow the context of the story. Unlike similar but often overly complicated applications, they won’t be confused by the things that are going on the screen. The same goes for the controls and the menu, which were made so that any child can comfortably flip the pages or even use a simple option to save any colored page in a photo album. This option is great because many small users will want to impress their parents or grandparents with creative coloring they produced on the pages.

The TouchActionApps LLC design team made sure that the application is not just fun, but also a suitable learning instrument. Because of its interactive nature, kids won’t even feel that they are learning every time when they play it on an iPhone or an iPad. The story structure was produced in a way that puts the focus on the first one hundred words that any child learns. This way, the app helps with the word retention process and development of the spoken language, while it also subtly introduces kids to the written word one as well.

This application presents several important activities in any child’s life. All this makes Super-Spies Adventures not just a great app for having fun, but also a good learning tool.