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'Super Smash Bros. 4' Wii U item and more possible demo details revealed

'Super Smash Bros 4' for Wii U Dragoon
'Super Smash Bros 4' for Wii U Dragoon
Photo courtesy of Nintendo, used with permission

Another attack item has been brought back to "Super Smash Bros. 4" for Wii U and 3DS. According to a report from Screw Attack on May 11, the dragoon vehicle is being implemented in the crossover fighting game. It originally came from "Kirby Air Ride," which was released for the Nintendo Gamecube more than a decade ago in 2003.

In "Super Smash Bros. Brawl," players have to collect all three separate pieces in order to actually ride the vehicle. However, other participants on the field can also get a part of the item. The pieces can be knocked off by attacking the holder. For "Super Smash Bros. 4" for Wii U and 3DS, the development teams decided to make some changes to the targeting sequence, including adding the stereoscopic 3D effect on the handheld version. A screen from the series' Facebook page showcasing the dragoon can be viewed near the top of this article.

Nintendo previously confirmed that they will be providing a playable demo of "Super Smash Bros. 4" for Wii U at participating Best Buy stores during E3 2014, which begins next month on June 10. However, the publisher appears to be giving fans more opportunities to try out the fighting game in other locations as well. According to Gamnesia, a customer heard that playable demos for both the console and handheld versions should also be playable at GameStop retailers at the same time. An official announcement should be made in the near future.

"Super Smash Bros. 4" for 3DS should come out shortly after E3 2014 if not before as the handheld game is slated for a summer release. Customers waiting for "Super Smash Bros. 4" for Wii U have to be more patient as the high-definition iteration is set for later this year in the winter. Aside from the visual differences, the video game should feature a different set of items, modes and stages on the two platforms.