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'Super Smash Bros 4' Wii U E3 2014 playable demo and new stage details posted

'Super Smash Bros 4'
'Super Smash Bros 4'
Photo courtesy of Nintendo, used with permission

Nintendo has confirmed more details on the "Super Smash Bros 4" for Wii U E3 2014 playable demo. According to a post from the series' official Facebook page on June 3, the publisher has disclosed that those who couldn't attend the convention will be able to try the same exact trial version at various Best Buy stores. The company previously mentioned that selected shops are going to let fans play the upcoming game for a limited amount of time on June 11 and June 12.

Nintendo is going to heavily promote "Super Smash Bros 4" for Wii U, as well as the 3DS, as a conference is going to be held on June 10. The meeting is expected to be one and a half hour long, suggesting that numerous details should be revealed. Furthermore, a live-stream tournament will also take place during the same event as well.

The publisher also announced a new stage for the Wii U iteration. The Mushroom Kingdom U level is based on "New Super Mario Bros. U." Kamek is going to appear to change the stage in a drastic manner. However, the level, which can be selected in the aforesaid E3 2014 playable demo, apparently won't be similar to the previous scrolling platform-based areas. A screen of Mushroom Kingdom U from the same official Facebook page can be viewed near the top of this article. The description of the level is located below:

Here's a new Wii U stage, Mushroom Kingdom U! It brings to life the worlds of New Super Mario Bros. U. When Kamek casts a spell, the stage transforms drastically! That said, this is not what you would call a moving stageā€¦ This stage will be playable in the demo version of the game for E3, a game expo that starts on June 10 in Los Angeles.

"Super Smash Bros 4" has two separate release dates as the 3DS version is coming out first before the end of summer. The Wii U iteration has a winter launch window for later this year. The locations of participating Best Buy stores for the playable demo stations can be found on the official website of the retail chain.