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'Super Smash Bros 4' Wii U director talks Oculus Rift, Project Morpheus and more

'Super Smash Bros 4' for the Wii U gameplay
'Super Smash Bros 4' for the Wii U gameplay
Photo courtesy of Nintendo, used with permission

Masahiro Sakurai, the director of "Super Smash Bros 4" for Wii U, has further commented on the Oculus Rift, Project Morpheus and other virtual reality devices. According to a report from Kotaku on May 15, the creator of the "Super Smash Bros" series believed that the head-mounted accessories may not completely be best suited for first-person shooters. Players may have some difficulty controlling two different directions, similar to driving a tank and aiming the cannon at the same time.

Masahiro Sakurai also listed several games he would like to see used with Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus. The first is "Jumping Flash," a first-person platforming game that was published by Sony Computer Entertainment. With the company planning to release Project Morpheus on the PS4, the dormant series could be revived for the hardware product. The director behind "Super Smash Bros 4" for Wii U also thinks that the virtual reality devices could cater to "Love Plus," a popular dating simulator. Survival-horror titles, such as "Fatal Frame" and "Resident Evil," may benefit from the head-mounted devices as well.

One game that won't be using virtual reality is "Super Smash Bros 4." Masahiro Sakurai believes that his current project is "ill-suited" to use the technology. It would be hard to implement the visual features as the fighting game takes place on a 2D perspective. A screen showcasing the console version from the official "Super Smash Bros" Facebook site can be view with the photo attached near the top side of this article.

Oculus Rift is currently being planned for a late 2014 launch at the earliest. Sony Computer Entertainment has not yet revealed when Project Morpheus will be made available for PS4 users although more details are expected to be announced at E3 2014. The same gaming convention is also going to feature "Super Smash Bros 4" for Wii U as Nintendo is planning several showcases for the crossover fighting game that will be released later this winter.