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'Super Smash Bros 4' Wii U and 3DS final smash attack features mega evolution

Mega evolution in 'Super Smash Bros 4' Wii U and 3DS
Mega evolution in 'Super Smash Bros 4' Wii U and 3DS
Photo courtesy of Nintendo, used with permission

The mega evolution feature introduced in "Pokemon X" and "Pokemon Y" will be added in "Super Smash Bros 4" for Wii U and 3DS. According to a report from Mii Gamer on May 13, Masahiro Sakurai confirmed that Charizard will be able to transform into Mega Charizard X. In the handheld games, the pocket monster can temporary evolve for a brief period of time during battle when it is holding a special stone.

In Super Smash Bros 4" for Wii U and 3DS, the mega evolution could be activated by using the final smash attack. The Smash Ball item from "Super Smash Bros Brawl" is coming back in the upcoming title. As a result, the last player to break the exclusive item will be bestowed with the ability to use a final smash attack. You can find the Mega Charizard X screen from the official Facebook page of the series with the photo attached near the top side of this article.

Masahiro Sakurai also talked about two special attacks in the arsenal of Charizard. He first revealed that the side special move, Flare Blitz, is going to deal some recoil damage when used against the opposition. The character also has a down special maneuver called the Rock Smash. You can find the details provided by the game director below:

Here's Charizard's new special attack, Flare Blitz. It's a very powerful attack - however, you'll take recoil damage if you make contact. Pretty true to the original game, huh? Flare Blitz is Charizard's side special move, and Rock Smash is the down special move.

Charizard previously appeared in "Super Smash Bros Brawl" as one of the three pocket monsters that can be summoned by the Pokemon Trainer. For the upcoming title, the development teams decided to make Charizard a completely independent fighter. A similar decision was also made for Sheik and Zero Suit Samus.

Fans may be able to play as Charizard in the upcoming demo of "Super Smash Bros 4" for Wii U at select Best Buy shops. Otherwise, they will have to wait until the console version is released later in the winter. The 3DS version of the software product, which features the same cast of playable characters, will be coming out first with a launch due for this summer.

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