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‘Super Smash Bros. 4’ Wii U and 3DS director compares Mario to other characters

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Masahiro Sakurai has made a size comparison between several characters for the forthcoming “Super Smash Bros. 4” on the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. According to a report from Mii Gamer on Jan. 16, the game director talked a little bit about how big Bowser, Donkey Kong and King Dedede are compared to Mario.

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The three behemoths appear to be much taller and wider when lined up against the popular plumber. You can take a look at the comparison, along with a few other screenshots featuring “Super Smash Bros. 4,” in the slideshow to the left of this article and the short comment made by Masahiro Sakurai from the Miiverse service below:

A group shot of the big guys. How much bigger are they compared to Mario?

Bowser, Donkey Kong and King Dedede are considered slow but powerful characters in the previous installments of the “Super Smash Bros.” series. Although Mario has a speed advantage over all three, he isn’t nearly as strong.

In addition to the four aforementioned fighters, “Super Smash Bros. 4” includes 21 announced playable characters so far with King Dedede was the latest unveiling. More individuals are also expected to be revealed before the launch of the software product.

Masahiro Sakurai and the rest of his development team should be able to complete the development on the latest “Super Smash Bros.” video game, which will be published by Nintendo, sometime this year.