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'Super Smash Bros 4' for Wii U and 3DS roster selection explained by Sakurai

'Super Smash Bros 4' for Wii U and 3DS
'Super Smash Bros 4' for Wii U and 3DS
Photo courtesy of Nintendo, used with permission

Masahiro Sakurai has provided the criteria as to how playable characters are selected for the upcoming "Super Smash Bros 4" for Wii U and 3DS. According to a report from Kotaku on July 3, the series creator revealed the development team looks into several aspects when making a selection. For example, the character need to have enough individuality, such as how he or she moves, in order to be considered a candidate for the crossover fighting game.

Masahiro Sakurai also wanted "Super Smash Bros 4" for Wii U and 3DS to be consistent throughout and won't be sacrificing core mechanics just to fit in one character. He also believes that each new fighter should bring something new to the table in the upcoming title while fitting into the character's original games as well. Finally, the most important aspect relates to whether or not the individual will end up being entertaining.

Several newcomers have already been announced for the new game. At E3 2013, Nintendo disclosed that Maga Man, Villager and Wii Fit Trainer were added to the roster. Over the next year, Greninja, Little Mac and Rosalina were also confirmed. Finally, the publisher announced Mii Fighters, Pac-Man and Palutena at E3 2014.

Mega Man and Pac-Man are the two biggest additions as both characters come from third-party companies. They will be joining Sonic, who will also be included in the upcoming title, as well as Solid Snake as the only guests from eternal intellectual properties to appear in the series. Otherwise, Nintendo characters fill up the rest of the roster.

Nintendo is planning to release "Super Smash Bros 4" at separate times for Wii U and 3DS. The handheld game has an official release date on Oct. 3 while the home console title should be arriving sometime during the holiday shopping period. You can find a screen featuring Mario, Mega Man, Pac-Man and Sonic near the top of this article (via the official "Super Smash Bros" Facebook site).