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Super setting can overcome a strength training plateau

Get ready for some super setting.
Get ready for some super setting.

Super setting is a great way to finish out the muscle peak and so called “Burn out the Muscle” during and/or after completion of an exercise strength program. Many individuals that work out day to day love to have their regular work out that starts with cardiovascular or aerobic training which follows their traditional strength or resistance training routines. However, this does not become enough anymore as plateau does set in, and super setting has proven to improve fitness levels and overcome plateaus.

Super setting is a routine where the individual that is partaking in a strength training program can take on strength training in addition to the regular set and rest routines. The health enthusiasts can finish their regular workouts with their regular strength training routines and finish with 1-2 muscle groups they were focusing on.

Once you have established those muscle groups for super setting, you will need to pick at least 2-3 exercises per muscle group such as: Biceps: Standing Dumbbell Curls, Standing Barbell Curls, Preacher Dumbbell Curls; Triceps: Triceps Push-downs, Dumbbell Triceps Overhead Extension & Lying Dumbbell Triceps Extension or Prone Extensions.

As you can see there are at least three exercises per muscle group, and each exercise needs to have a low to moderate resistance that can complete at least 8-12 repetitions in which the muscle can take on that resistance and burn out. One can also use super setting as a quick way to get in a work out, but the best way is right after a work out to burn out the muscles.