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Smoking hot marijuna-infused skincare and super serums hit market (see video)

Wow being beautiful is going to be easier than ever in 2014 with all the new serums, oils, elixirs and even marijuana-laced products that have hit the market. One of the latest serums to watch for is CerumWorx™--an advance skin renewal and repair capsule that nourishes, restores and rejuvenates the skin. Your Beauty Products Examiner has one on the way as she writes this column to sample and review for you. It does sound amazing (especially the part about reducing fine lines and wrinkles caused from over-exposure to sun of which my bad).

These little capsules could save faces

The company claims that “Unlike traditional oil/liquid Vitamin serums that can oxidize and degrade after opening, CerumWORX is delivered in biodegradable single-use capsules that ensure you get fresh, maximum potency Vitamin C with each application.” Key features include three forms of Vitaminc C, lasting results, a Vitamin booster of antioxidant activity, no scent and a silky creamy texture that feels good on your skin.

The company also claims that In clinical trials, CerumWORX increased skin firmness by 34% and smoothness by 16% with visible effects in only two weeks.

The product sells for $75 at

Beauty geeks could get high on these products:

Also new for this year is the legalization of marijuana in many states and its use in skincare by one company that unveils in the attached video its cannabis-infused flower oil body sprays, lip balms and skin creams.

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