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Super hero backpacks for back to school

SuperME backpack for your little hero
SuperME backpack for your little hero
Denise Bertacchi

Does your kid want to be a super hero when they grow up? Why wait? Let them play super hero EVERY day with a super backpack from SuperME! These backpacks have super secret capes and hoods tucked into a hidden pocket.

SuperME backpacks for your super hero
Denise Bertacchi

Unzip the pocket, and your kid can zoom around the bus stop with a colorful cape! When it’s time to resume their disguise as an ordinary school kid, just zip the cape back into the bag.

SuperME makes two styles of hero backpack, one with a cape for preschool kids and one with a hood for older students.

The SuperMe Cape Backpack ($39) is 11 inches wide and 13 inches tall. It has a cape and a super hero mask for playtime. It’s designed for little kids who need to carry a couple things to preschool or kindergarten, but aren’t big enough for a standard size backpack.

The SuperME Hoodie Backpack ($49) is 13 inches wide and 17 inches tall. This is a good size for elementary kids and can hold full sized binder, library books, lunch and even a laptop. The hidden pocket has a more “grown up” super hero accessory: a hood! The hood is water proof, so it’s actually pretty practical. After all, what super hero wants to carry an umbrella?

Both types of backpacks are made from durable EVA foam, which is water resistant and provides padding and insulation for your super hero’s lunch.

They come in styles and colors to suit just about any kid. Classic red and blue. Ninja grey. Pink and purple. Safari green. The capes and hoods match the color scheme of the backpack.

SuperME backpacks also have a customizable hero patch on the outside pocket. The patch is attached with Velcro so you can swap it out with a personalized patch just for your kid. Standard patches are $5 and name patches are $10.

SuperMe backpacks and gear aren't available in the St. Louis area yet, so you'll have to outfit your hero online at

Read more about SuperME backpacks and fun things to do with kids in St. Louis over at

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